What Is an Artwork?

A wide range of art objects are referred as artwork. A decorative or artistic object that has graphic art is defined as an artwork. It can be an illustrative element like a drawing, painting, lettering or photograph. This type of illustrative work is used for print reproduction. An artwork can be a final graphical object like a painting used to decorate walls in homes, offices, commercial centres and other places. It can be an object like a sculpture. Communities often place sculptures of famous people at public places for memorial purpose.

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What Can Artwork Be Used for?

An artwork can be used to express one's feelings and opinion about a particular subject. The artistic expressions can be seen in paintings, illustrations, figurative sculptures, abstract sculptures and graphical objects. Sculptures are placed at prominent public places to remind future generations about the people and event that shaped history. General artwork designed for print reproduction is used for commercial reasons. Publishers of books use artworks to speed up the process of printing. Any type of brochure, booklet or leaflet can be printed only after its artwork has been prepared and designed properly. Artworks can be used to encourage people to be a better person. It can contain an illustrating message that urges people to embrace right values or follow the rules. It can also be just for entertainment purpose or to make people laugh.

Who Buys Artwork?

People from all walks of life buy artwork. Homeowners buy paintings to decorate the walls of their rooms. They buy small figurine and sculptures to decorate their home interior. Offices, business owners, commercial centres and government buildings are decorated with different types of art objects. Paintings are the most widely purchased artworks. These works of art are available in all price ranges. Artworks of famous artists can be very expensive. Artworks for print reproduction are generally ordered by the customers for publication and marketing purposes.

What Types of Artwork Is There?

The sculptures are made from a wide range of materials including stone, metal, wood and plastic. Paintings made by artists can be found in art galleries and stores that sell art objects. Reprinted artworks have low value while the original ones carry higher value. Some of the famous paintings made by renowned artists can be very expensive.

What Is a Gallery?

A gallery in the context of art is a place where artistic objects like paintings and sculptures are showcased. The purpose is to display or sell visual and physical artworks.

Who Would Visit a Gallery?

People who have an interest in seeing or buying an artwork visit an art gallery. Sometimes, the works of visual arts are displayed only for public viewing and not for sale. In other cases, such artworks are displayed for the purpose of sales. Individuals, business owners and representatives of institutions visit art galleries when they want to buy paintings or other artworks for their home, office, store or workplace. Now it is possible to order artworks online but in this type of purchase the buyer cannot see the artwork personally before the purchase. People can view the artworks personally in an art gallery but such a place displays only a limited number of artworks at a time.